Natural or Man-made?

I think most of us have heard about how a Shadow Government, a Global Elite, is trying to create a World Government above our heads, well, they are about to succeed! These are not just theories, but facts that have been admitted by some of them. The signs are everywhere; all we need to do is open our eyes and ears. We are all aware of the many diseases that are eating into our human race: famine, religious wars, violations of human rights, civil a war... the list goes on. Are they just unfortunate happenings or are they all connected to one another?

 Everyday we wake up, feeling constantly threatened. Why is there so much uncertainty and fear in our lives? Is life really this hectic, or is somebody creating this state of terror on purpose? This wave of ambiguity is spread mainly through the media, owned by those at the very top of our society. Those with their own dark agenda. The Illuminati.


Morning Thoughts

Every morning

The Sun shines in my eyes
and gives a bright smile
rising with the birds of the universe
and shining with a new hope

Every morning

A warm breeze
flirting with my soul
scatters some papers
and writes a future


Déjà Vu

I have always been fascinated by the moves and strategic tactics of President Ahmadinejad. Iran has proved to be a successful independent nation for years, or until now...

It all started with the construction of the uranium enrichment plant which, according to President Obama, violated the standards set by the IAEA. What followed was a series of threats and sanctions from Washington to Tehran. Hillary Clinton has been incessantly going around notifying world leaders about the "dangerous" nuclear policy of Tehran. And of course, we heard how Iran is heading towards a "military dictatorship" and how it poses an international threat.


Uprooted: The ends do not justify the means

The shifting and reshuffling policy of IIUM are believed to drive students to one of its missions, i.e. Integration. Students are constantly forced to leave their hostel rooms and sometimes even their hostels for it is believed that this will allow them to meet other people and therefore integrate. I was subjected to this policy a week ago. Unfortunately, for me, no integration happened. Instead, I was frustrated and depressed. 

International students are considered minority in this ‘garden of knowledge and virtue’. For many, it takes months to create for ourselves a place we can call home; a place where we feel comfortable; a familiar environment. But what happens when we are told that we need to start this process all over again? Worst of all, what happens when we are relocated to a place that shocks us? A place that totally contradicts the other mission of this institution: Islamization.


So you really want to understand women?

“I wish I can understand women” has been uttered by nearly all men at least once in their lifetime.

Why this tendency to put women under the microscope?
Why turning women into these gigantic freaks with unlimited flaws and complications?

“Oh you should go for therapy”, “oh make sure you get your hands on that amazing relationship book called ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”, Oh bla bla bla…