The Ordeal 2: A Net of Deception

While some find in women the symbolism of love and compassion, others still equate women to manipulators, to objects of deception. In a society that considers men as superior; women are more often than not, subject to prejudice and chauvinism.

“Like a compass needle that points north, a man’s accusing finger always finds a woman. Always.”


Not Necessarily in That Order

Media, I have written about this subject earlier and I did mention that it plays a significant role in the early childhood education. What made me write again is a movie poster which caught my attention for few minutes while I was lining up for a movie ticket. In the middle of that poster, the following was written:


Face Veil Ban: Stripping Women’s Rights

I was asked by a friend: What’s the big deal behind the ban? Why are you people making such a big drama? Isn't it better for you? At last, you will not feel oppressed, aren't you happy?

Who would have thought that the niqab issue will reach the Parliament? Today the niqab is linked with so many ‘important’ and ‘significant’ worldwide issues: freedom and conservation, reform and inactivity, openness and isolation, and the past and the present.

One French MP describes the veil as ‘muzzles’ and ‘walking coffins’.


A Dream of Returning

He loved that old house; He loved the smell of its wet walls and cracked corners. And he loved how the autumn breeze was caressing the scattered leaves in the courtyard of the house. Happiness was the umbrella of his life. He wished to live together with his wife and his only son in that small house, and dreamt to see his little kid growing up there. He never expected that one day he will leave it. But what was completely out of mind is to be forced to leave both house and homeland!! 


Kashmir Revisited: The War of Stones and Bullets

The streets of Srinagar are at the moment filled with protesters shouting for justice. For freedom. Pelting stones at the CRPF. Get shot back. Die.

This has been the case in Kashmir for a week or so now. 15 have been killed, women and youth. War has been declared and the Indian army is enforcing the curfew imposed in different areas. In the name of politics, Kashmir is being sacrificed. Because of inconsiderate ones, innocents are being killed. Women are being turned into widows, children into orphans.