Confessions of an Escapist

Of the easiest things we are entitled to, is the act of pointing our finger. This is all it takes to shift all the blame and gather all sympathy. Why is it that we always look at the other side? I often ask myself…
I was sitting and thinking about the several occasions that I used this weapon during the past few days.
If it’s not “this is how men are, u know”, then it’s “oh, they are so arrogant because they are locals”. Worse even, “this is what Jews do”.


The Antique Called Guantanamo Bay

Barack Obama’s promise to close the Guantanamo Bay was among those that made him popular. I remember my friends getting excited and looking forward to the promising reign of the Nobel Peace Prize winner. B.O was confident that he will be the one who will remove the taints off the U.S foreign policy. Alas, he missed the deadline. Today is August 13 and his promise is coming back to haunt him in the form of Omar Khadr’s trial.