Chin Chin

My birthday post comes along five days later than planned. Not that I was busy celebrating. But I was busy soothing the blows and fucks that life gave me as my 24th birthday gift: Adult Reality.

The gift comes like a full package. The more you dig into the box, the more painful the blow. The irony being that this specific gift supposedly equips you to face harder blows ahead.

Drama-queening aside, I sure realized some ugly truths.


Termination of Pregnancy, the fresh look of Abortion

Since everybody has something to say about the new amendments that are being brought to the Criminal Code, I might as well say few things.

1. In the case where “the continued pregnancy will endanger the pregnant person’s life”, any person in their right mind, would opt to save the mother’s life instead of the foetus.

2. In the case where “the termination is necessary to prevent grave permanent injury to the physical or mental health of the pregnant person”, sensitive beings would understand that an unhealthy mother cannot raise her kid properly, and that giving birth is not supposed to be a curse! So Pro-Life peeps, forgive me if I offend you.


The Ordeal 4 – Of addiction and obsession

The end justifies the means. Or at least that’s my way of looking at it. But then, to what extent can one go to satisfy one’s needs? Yes, needs.

It was finally one thirty a.m. when she had this weird thought, lying in bed, like a confused heap of junk. Wouldn’t it have been better if she was addicted to coke? As in, it’s more accessible than him. She has been dying to get in touch with him for like forever. But for days now, all she has to keep her breathing are the endless rings of all her unanswered calls.
Acting like a shot of cocaine at times. And like a lullaby putting her to sleep at others.


290 new puppets in Tehran

March 2. 48 million voters. 3444 candidates. A 290-seat Islamic Majlis.
The world sits and watches, with a shot of sarcasm. How democratic will these parliamentary elections be?, many question. I sit and watch, grieved. To what extent will Iran change after this?, I wonder.

In the midst of so many uncertainties about the future of Iran, the parliamentary elections represent nothing more than the rivalry between Khamenei and Ahmedinejad. The Mullah struggling to preserve his Khomeinist movement, and the President, his philosophy and ego.


The faces of right and wrong

“You have a fucked up logic” – I was told. Is it?

I was always taught to stand up for what I believe in. De dire tout haut ce que les autres pensent tout bas. Simply because if you don’t, you will be a blind follower of a mass, who from time to time doesn’t even know why it does such and such. Only a bunch of people can in fact, create their own meaning out of things, without having to care about pre-set norms and mores. A more or less easy task. Until you have to make others understand the logic of your meaning. A never-ending, tiring & often unsuccessful task.

My logic is direct and simple. I respect you and your idiosyncrasies. All I expect, is for you to do the same. And for me, your logic can never be fucked up, but only different from mine.