Why raising a flag doesn't count…

I hate hypocrisy. I hate showing off. I hate dishonesty – especially when one’s being dishonest with oneself.

So many Mauritians are shouting three cheers for our country today. After all, 45 years of independence is worth celebrating! And on top of that, many believe they need to pretend they are real patriots since we have VVIPs visiting.

What about tomorrow though? Does raising a flag and saying three cheers make up for the remaining 364 days of bad faith and hidden agendas?



International Women’s Day, my ass! What did you people get out of it? Chocolates? Flowers? Perfumes? Compliments? Candlelight dinner? Hot night? Good for you! Well, for me, it was far from pride and all good feelings.  For me, a 19-year old girl was killed by her 20-year old boyfriend. Few meters from my house. During the day. Because of jealousy it seems. There was no better way for the fucker to prove his love it seems. For many, it’s just another crime of passion – for me, it was the spread of a virus called Male Chauvinism.

I still can’t get it. How on earth could the guy think he could just strangle his girlfriend over jealousy? Now, don’t even dare explaining to me that the girl shouldn't have followed him to that deserted place, or worse even, that the girl acted like a bitch for telling the boyfriend that she no longer loved him. Call it my partiality or my naivety – The 20-year old stupid boy is sick. Sick for thinking that a girl cannot dump a guy. Sick for thinking a girl cannot fall out of love. Sick for thinking he owns the girl. Sick for being violent. Sick for killing. Sicker for trying to cover up.