Morsi Checkmated

Disclaimer: Neither am I an expert on Arab values nor a conspiracy theorist. These are my observations and interpretations of the situation in Egypt post-Mubarak and post-Morsi.

No matter how hard I try to overlook the ‘conspiracy’ side of what’s happening in Egypt, I can’t – I just can’t seem to sit back and convince myself that Egyptians were fed up with Mubarak so they kicked him out. And after having elected Morsi, they now feel they were wrong in their choice, so they kicked him out also. And yeah, the Army helped them in making their voices heard. Nice story – one that make us believe that Arabs are finally standing up for themselves. One that makes us believe that the landscape of the Middle East will finally change. One that makes us think that Arabs value democracy.

Now, my case-study of Egypt might be misinterpreted – only because I refuse to accept the story being broadcasted. I refuse to believe that in Egypt today, all the events can be summarized as the Arab spring. I have my reserves and I shall name two.