Gaza bleeds again...

What if by this Sunday the Israeli Operation Protective Edge proves to be successful? As in on Day 12 of
this massacre, there is no more Hamas to rebel and shoot useless rockets towards Tel Aviv – useless rockets thanks to US generous funding to Israeli protection, courtesy of US taxpayers. As in Hamas shot down and disappears. Then what?

Will Israel/US launch the Operation “We regret stealing your land dear Palestinians and we are returning it” on Day 13? Will Netanyahu/Obama be benevolent and return the stolen Palestine to their rightful owners? Of course not.

So please Israeli propagandists. STOP making as if your war is against Hamas! Hamas didn’t even exist when Israeli military occupations/robbery started! Israel is at war with PALESTINE. Gaza is to Hamas what it is to all Palestinians. STOP magnifying Hamas as the face of Palestine. When you occupy Al-Aqsa mosque, the whole of Palestine bleeds, not only Gaza and Hamas!

I hope the ground swallows you Netanyahu and Obama.

Call me anti-Semitic. Any human being in his right mind would be disgusted.