Obama: End of an error?

It shall be seen as one big mistake Americans did by trusting this man could change things because he is different (because he is black maybe?). Spending his last year in the White House as a lame duck might just give Republicans a justification to declare the 20th January 2017, America's Happiest Day! 

Unless he gets to work and make history in the following eight months. Which is not impossible. Which will at least score him decent points during his last year as president of the United States. Here's the legacy you should leave Barack. Americans believed in you. 

1. Closing Guantanamo
Make it happen. It's your last opportunity to fulfill the promise you first made on your campaign trail. That was a long time ago. Who cares if the polls indicate resistance from Americans on the announcement of closing down Guantanamo? At least you would have kept your word. And you would have slept peacefully as from next year, knowing for sure that no human dignity is being snatched in that so-called prison whose purpose has run its course. 

2. Immigration Reform
First of all, congratulations on standing up for what you want. And for not forgetting that you have the power of the executive order (I just can't seem to understand why you are not using it in the Guantanamo case). Anyway, your immigration reform (salute!) will save millions of families. Let's just hope you win against those Republicans who still think they own the place and disregard all contributions non-citizens brought to your land. 

3. Regulate guns
I hope you know your tears shed while announcing your plan for gun control will go to waste if no real measures are taken. Do whatever it takes and restrict gun sales. Stand up against the lobbies and think about those Americans (including kids) who lost their lives to gun violence. Right to life is much more important that right to own a gun. If you don't make this happen, you'll shed some real tears after January 2017. 

4. Mark points in Syria
Now that you have already poked your nose in the Syrian mess, you should stop underestimating them. This time, indirectly, you have Putin facing you. Sitting in the oval and hoping Assad will leave, will cost you the US credibility, foreign-policy-wise. 

Your last year can determine how failed your presidency has been. Or how much of a good man you are. And yeah, try visiting Cuba and endorsing Hillary!