May at Downing Street, Merkel at the top of Germany… Hillary in the Oval?

The world looks suddenly quite different. It is true that smaller, ‘less important for the world’ nations have had female heads before, albeit they have not changed much in the lives of women, especially in their countries. Sri Lanka is the first country to have a female prime minister, Argentina the first female president. Pakistan’s Benazir Bhutto sure inspired many – but what is the plight of women living in that country today? Britain’s Thatcher is still known as the Iron Lady – focus is still on her strong ideas, the norm being the soft side of women.

My point is, look around the world, these women are the exception rather than the rule. Three ladies ruling the world doesn’t solve the issue of gender inequality. Not even one-quarter of parliamentarians are female. I don’t think three leaders make up for this lack of consideration. Until when will women suffer from stereotyping, and disproportionate attention paid to their appearance. Women leaders should not be, and are not defined solely by gender – and it is most of the time not the most interesting thing about them.

Don’t get me wrong – Clinton versus Trump is not even a choice. But, thinking that Hillary will change the least bit in the daily lives of women is far-fetched. Here, in Mauritius, they are still debating on whether to set a quota for women participation in politics. I take pride in watching May hugging Merkel. But I expect much more