The Writing's on the Wall

Since Day 1, the lady who was acclaimed by the whole world set the tone for a revolutionary tenure in office. Being ambitious (which is commendable, mind you), she had long-term personal goals and the State House was only a stepping stone to the international arena. Along the way, she struggled to be different from her predecessors (all males) – for being the first female doll in those gardens came along with higher expectations and wider scrutiny. While some (men) criticized her private activities, others (men) called her naïve. Yes, naïve she has been. For believing that politicians (men) were proud of her achievements and appointed her based on a successful career.

With this in mind, she travelled from Plaine Magnien to Reduit. During her stay in that mansion, she tried to address a sensible issue – unity - through some interfaith dialogue. But she had better things to check on her list than meeting ‘religious’ (men) regularly. Oh come on! Anybody with an exemplary CV, the best title, rich friends and a Platinum Card would not have stayed around, making sure that the trees she planted are blooming.  Especially not someone who did not want to be a flower vase. Naïve, Madam. For daring to think that our 50 year-old Constitution would allow you to be something else.

Two years and 40 missions later, her friends (the men who did not miss a single opportunity to praise her) suddenly realized that her activities are frowned upon. The doll has become too ambitious and not (enough) careful about who she roams around with. Some say that her new friend met the old ones and had lunch together before but when politics takes over; these details don’t really matter, do they? Another detail, for those who want to be reminded: Her old friends used to give VIP treatment to the now too ‘controversial’ friend. That was then. Now, politics makes survival a priority. And calls for the doll/flower vase to be replaced. Meanwhile, her friends (men) stay put.

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